Panotour 2.x Hotspot with Customized Tooltip



2 Display Parameters of the hotspot: copy/paste the following HTML Code :

<p style=”color: #50624f; font-size: 20px”><strong>Les Trois Vallées</strong></p><br><img src=”tooltipdata/tooltipimage.jpg” /><br><br>Les Trois Vallées is a ski region in the Tarentaise Valley,<br>Savoie département of France, to the south of the town of Moûtiers,<br>partly in the Vanoise National Park.

3 Customized distance between the hotspot and the tooltip

find @ ****_core.xml

Hope this helps in creation of your personalized tooltip in Panotour Pro.
In this tutorial was used Panotour Pro 2.3
Nuno A. Madeira

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  • Michael Garnier

    This looks great. I’d like to do myself, but i can’t find it in panotour pro 2.5. Can you help me?

  • Hugh

    Thank you – really helpful.

    Do you know what the setting is so that the toooltip remains static?

    Also is there a way to give a slight gor effect to the tooltip appearing rather tha nit just appearing?

  • Hugh

    Sorry, that should have said grow effect!

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