Panotour 2.5 | Video transition between Panos

1 Setting up tour (DEMO)

Just do this tutorial when you finish the tour or testing.A Add your panos, hotspot links and 360 Videos or Flat Videos files
B On video properties
– Uncheck “Loop When reaching at end”
– Choose your output projection, if flat video choose planar


2 STORYBOARD. Get your Panorama´s ID

A Before the code modification of the main file (normally index.xml, or the name you give), check first your Panorama´s and Video´s ID, in this demo we have 3 panos and 3 videos, to know when a video file end´s. go to a specific pano.
B In the demo the storyboard is:
– When reaching end of Transition_1 video ID: pano87 file goes to Panorama “Take 2” ID: pano11
– When reaching end of Transition_2 video ID: pano89 file goes to Panorama “Take 3” ID: pano13
– When reaching end of Transition_2 video ID: pano91 file goes to Panorama “Take 1” ID: pano9 (reach the beginning of the tour)


3 Modify index.xml

A Open index.xml, the main file of the tour (or other name you give when you build the tour). Used notepad++ software, to open the xml file (free).
B Ctrl + F ( find the first VIDEO ID, in this demo is “pano87” has you see in the step before) will get video ID section code. ( don´t forget to order and organize the panos and videos of your storyboard.)
C In the section look at < action name= " pano87OnStart" > and in the 6th line after, change :

set(plugin[get(videointerface_video)].onvideocomplete, pause(););


set(plugin[get(videointerface_video)].onvideocomplete, pause(); mainloadscene(pano11));

This will load your pano when video end´s. Make the same step for other video´s you desired.


Hope help! Let me know your experiences and tour´s with video transition. Any error please report. Thanks for watching. Nuno A. Madeira

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